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About Me

Hi, I am Horace from China. I come here just to find a place where I can talk freely, without being seen by others. Not politically, I just want to say something that I am afraid to speak in the public or share among my friends. Of course, some of my posts, I guess, are about politics. But on a larger scale, I will share my footprints of my growth and I hope this blog could be a good documentary recording every step I made during my life



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  1. Argus / Oct 31 2011 15:35

    Hi Horace
    I like reading about other people in other lands. Unfortunately I’m very political in my thinking, but I’ll try to leave politics out when commenting on your blog. The second photo of Miss Long and the infant really touched my heart, that is a great shot.
    Take care — Argus

  2. davidtambunan / Nov 13 2011 11:22

    same thing. guess we all want to express what we think. and since some content may be a sensitive ones to certain others it would be best to be keep the point that matters, not the person for the most.

    dave – indonesia

    • Horace / Apr 26 2012 12:51

      Sorry, Dave. I haven’t blogged for quite a few months… glad to have you here. I may continue my blogging in the future. I am not sure. It is always so hard to continue blogging.

  3. pyzy001 / Jul 20 2012 12:15

    Your English is very good!

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