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2012/05/03 / Horace

DiaoSi (屌丝), am I one of them?

I was very much surprised when I realized that my fate as a Diaosi (屌丝) is impending.

DiaoSi refers to extremely ordinary men who are depicted as vertically challenged, ugly and poor, in contrast with those successful men who are tall, handsome and rich.

Now, it seems that netizens can also use DiaoSi to refer to those extremely ordinary women in contrast with successful ladies who are rich, white and beautiful.

I didn’t realize that I may also end up as a DiaoSi, although I am studying at quite a prestigious university and am quite academically successful, until I was talking with a friend.

He is someone I really adore. He is talented, lovely and acquires good knowledge of English, broadcasting and journalism. He is exactly someone that I have been wanting to be.

During the casual conversation, he told me that he hadn’t been making enough money and was desperate in having some extra income.

We did a calculation. It would take him at least 10 years to purchase a two-bedroom house if he spent all his salaries on housing.

He is an outstanding gentleman. However, being a newsman, respected as it is, is not very much well paid.

“We are DiaoSi.” I sighed.

“No, we are not,” he refuted, saying the criteria in judging a DiaoSi is not only money.

Maybe he is right.

He has been dreaming of getting himself a PS3 and a laptop computer, however, since his house rent takes up as much as 50% of his income and he has to save money in case of emergencies, he has to think twice, a 3rd time, a 4th, 5th and now, he hasn’t been bold enough to buy himself one.

He told me that there are many colleagues in his media organization who have everything. These are all from rich families.

It makes me think of my rich classmates, who are now applying for US graduate schools regardless whether they will get scholarship or not, or who can change their cellphones once a year from N97 to HTC to iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, who can stay in the UK as an exchange student and snap a photo before the Bush House, although the house rent is as much as 100 pounds per week, i.e, almost my whole month’s living expenses.

Compared to them, I look shabby. My Motorola was paid by my payment during the winter vacation, and I am now saving for my next year’s tuition.

A lot of opportunities are also slipping away. The Bush House, to which I have been dreaming of a visit, is no longer the headquarter of the BBC World Service. Also, I may have to work for a few years before I could go to the UK for a graduate degree.

I am not short. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall (around 191 cm)

“You have been much better than others,” one of my friends consoled me when I was complaining.

However, what I clearly feel is that I am still falling behind despite some progress made.

That is what DiaoSi is all about. When everyone is running ahead, you are staying behind, powerless and unwillingly.


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  1. Thor May / Dec 20 2012 09:40

    Cheer up. In a plane crash the survivors are usually in the cheap seats right at the back near the tail.

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