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2010/08/10 / Horace

My Favorite Movie

  Sorry for being so lazy that I haven’t added any new posts ’cause I have been dealing with my CG projects.

  I haven’t seen many movies in my life. I am not a movie-buff any way. But I extrememly love a movie series- SAW.

  It may sound quite appalling to me, but yes, I do love this movie a lot. I don’t take it as a mere horror, but also  a lesson of life. John, the hero’s exquisite equipment and his carefully planned plot take a deep exploration into human’s meanness and through death, teach us what to do and what not to do.

  Taking Saw III, my favorite of favorite as an example. This movie, as far as I am concerned, deals with people’s ignorance about life and people’s unreasonable dependence on somebody, also people’s spreading and ongoing hatred. The female doctor succeeded to pass the test and could have secured every body’s life. However, Amanda was drowned in the imagination that John was in love with the doctor, which was completely overwhelming to her. Then, Amanda killed the doctor.

  After a series of tests, the doctor’s husband finally saw the doctor, but only to see that she was killed, triggering her hatred. Not only did he killed Amanda, but also John as well. However, when John died, the explosion would go off too.

  The ending was pathetic, everybody died. After watching the movie, I had so many ‘what if’s to ask. What if, what if, what if…. What if every body could control his/her emotions at some crucial point, where he/she could have managed to do so, everything would be so beautiful.

  I was also dealing with some negative emotions at that time, and after watching that movie, I knew that I should learn to let things go. When I accept what is going on in life, everything will be fine.

 This is my favorite movie SAW.


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