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2010/08/06 / Horace

My Favorite Song

  It’s very difficult to name my favorite song immediately because there are approximately 4500 songs in my computer, and I love so many artists in the world, Madonna, Britney Spears, Dido, Jane Zhang, Fish Leung, Ayumi Hamasaki and so on. If I do not have anything as background ‘noise’, I will fidget.

  When I am writing this blog, the song that surges into my mind was a song called ‘一夜长大’(Growth Overnight) by Fish Leung. It is a song expressing loneliness within a girl’s heart. I am a boy, but I still empathize with what the song is trying to express.

  I first heard a song during a quite gloomy period time of my life. There are problems with everything, academic achievements, tests, friendship, everything. I felt quite very bad at that time, and I heard the song accidentally online.

  Things started to look up a few weeks later, but I still kept the song in my MP3 player. I really do not know why. Perhaps that period of time had really left a mark in my heart, or I had always been a lonely person and would always be. Perhaps, no one actually could understand what I am thinking about. Whenever I need a friend, I cannot find a true one. No one can understand my anxiety deep rooted in my heart, and no one can understand all those pains and gains all these years.

  The song starts with the following words, which I love the most.

  ‘I went home on the last bus, with the rain going outside. Tears, having welled up all day, finally came out.’

  These two sentences are the only ones having something to do with my life. But they express my feelings so accurately that I cannot help listening to the song again and again. More pathetically, I cannot cry, because I am a boy and a boy shall never cry.

  I tend to listen to the song a little bit as I am walking alone through the city. And I find someone who can really understand me is talking to me.

  This is my favorite song.


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