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2010/08/05 / Horace

Good to log on WordPress

It’s quite nice to establish a wordpress account, and I find it is a really good website where I can modify almost every part of my blog.

Actually, it is really pointless in setting this blog online. But as I grow older and older, I find there are so many things I cannot speak out. I am just a little bit afraid about expressing my thoughs about life, future and all kinds of things.

That’s not due to the government censorship, but because the censorship generated by every member of society. I dare not contradict the majority, or speak anything about the so-called ‘main stream’ values. I dare not find someone to share my happiness, because it may be interpreted as complacency; I dare not find someone to share my sadness, because there is always a possibility that someone is going to leak my unsatisfaction to others, bringing harm; I dare not find someone to share my confusion, because I just cannot find myself uncompatible with some thoughts others insist.

I do feel lonely. I want to find a place far away from the world I am now living in, find a place to speak, and if possible, find a friend.


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